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Microsoft Excel Advanced (0004)

MS Excel is an electronic spreadsheet program that is used for storing, organizing, and manipulating data.
Spreadsheets present tables of values arranged in rows and columns that can be manipulated mathematically using both basic and complex arithmetic operations and functions.

Remember: when in Excel, if you are doing it manually then you are doing it wrong. Excel provides formulas for pretty much everything.


ADVANCED level - for those that already know most of what Excel offers and are wondering what else is there to learn to make their daily work even less manual.
  • Doing more with Pivot Table (3:28)
  • VLookUp for large tables (5:03)
  • VLookUp and Match (2:31)
  • Index (2:46)
  • Index match (4:18)
  • Macro (4:09)
  • How to link data in different Excel files (1:01)
  • IF Function basic concept (2:24)
  • IF Function example (2:28)
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Completion rules
  • You must complete 70.00% of the content